Banner ProductsCalifornia Fuel Supply (CAFS) supplies branded and unbranded gasoline and diesel to retail fueling facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada. Brands represented are 76, Shell… Read More


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White Gas GaugeCalifornia Fuel Supply (CAFS)

can trace it’s origin back to the acquisition and operation of a single Arco station in San Jose, California in 1981.  The growth of the branded distributorship accelerated ten years ago with the establishment of relationships with Phillips 66 (76) and Valero.  From that point through today the number of stations supplied in California, Arizona and Nevada has grown steadily.  CAFS is now the fourth largest Valero distributor on the west coast and the largest 76 and distributor in Northern California.  Brands represented are 76, Valero, Beacon, Shamrock, Shell and Spirit. Read more